Praha 22

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  • JUANEglMUDOpOkMNaU Osoba: Marcela Pröllerová

    What creative phtoos! Dash looks like he is charming Santa! Ho, Ho, Ho! What a magical time for him and you to see the world new through his eyes.

  • snnXWbIuy Osoba: Marcela Pröllerová

    In my recent pvarite lesson with Francesca she helped me go through all the things I had been struggling with in my group lessons and let me go through them at my own pace, giving me tips and advice on the moves i found more difficult. The lesson really helped me improve and gave me more confidence on the pole. Definately worth doing and great value for money, thanks!

  • jKNoxRTSbcmiGUCc Osoba: Michal Doležal

    When you pole dance, make sure you observe poerpr posture. Bad posture is usually the cause of neck strain whether you are pole dancing or doing any other activities. Keep your body and back straight when your perform pole dancing. It is also recommended if you ask a professional pole dancer instructor to help you in pole dancing. They would be be able to help and teach you do pole dancing the right way.

  • zbFVYZAKOAoQiWIpD Osoba: Michal Doležal

    Will you be using snowshoes this time? Will evbroeydy be using snowshoes as well? I recall from your book that you were the only one who wore running shoes throughout the entire race. Hope this time will be more enjoyable with greater visibility. You rock, Dean. Seriously. Dean K wrote: Hey Mann- I won't be using snowshoes this time, nor will any of the other competitors. Thanks for the kinds words. Keep charging bro!